Accepting payments as a pantyseller

Hello pantybuyers and pantysellers! I was asked to blog about accepting payments as a pantyseller. I don’t have extensive experience in this industry and for that reason I did a lot of research before I started. I will share with you what I found.

My top priority is remaining anonymous. There are several payment methods that allow you to remain anonymous to different degrees. Venmo is pretty bad because you have to connect it with your phone number, and I didn’t want to risk coming up as a “contact you may know” to my friends in Venmo.

PayPal was absolutely not an option to me because apparently it is against their Terms and Conditions to use it for adult products. If they do catch you using it for that, they can shut down your account and take your money.

Bitcoin is very popular among panty sellers. The only reasons I haven’t signed up for it is because I’ve heard it’s difficult to set up and because it’s a form of currency. That means your money’s worth can change depending on inflation.

I have signed up for SquareCash and you can choose a unique $Cashtag so that users can find you and pay you easily. I think the only disappointing thing about this one is that they asked me to verify myself by giving my phone number for a verification code. Other than that, it seemed perfect. Circle is comparable; without the $Cashtag.

Gift card services like Gift Rocket, Gyft, and Amazon Gift Cards are popular among sellers too. I signed up for Gift Rocket because I can apparently redeem my cards for cash. I don’t like amazon, but if you buy a lot of stuff from them, that seems like a great option too.

I just recently used Google Wallet for the first time and it seems to be the best option for accepting payments as a pentyseller. You do have to connect a debit card to the account, but you could easily open up a card at a credit union if you wanted to extensively protect yourself. The debit card and your name are not visible to the customer. All you need to give the customer is the gmail account associated with your Google Wallet and they can send you money. You must claim it within 14 days or the customer will get their money refunded. The best part about Google Wallet is that as soon as you claim the money, it’s in your bank account. I have never seen money transfer over that quick. This allows the seller to start preparing the customer’s products instantly as opposed to waiting for checks to clear.

Some Do’s and Don’t’s:

  • Do protect yourself– Most guys are harmless but we all know the dangers of letting our guard down.
  • Do secure payment first– Some of these payment services allow customers to cancel their payment or gift card before you can clear the payment. Always make sure the money is officially in your bank/debit card before providing goods or services.
  • Do keep records– I would suggest making a spreadsheet of expenses now. At least with date and price. The earlier you start doing this, the easier it will be to manage.
  • Do provide good customer service– Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. How would you like to be treated in any given situation?
  • Don’t give any personal details– This seems obvious but saying what city you live in, what your hometown was, or even your weekend plans can put you in danger. People who want to hurt you will go to great lengths to do so.
  • Don’t get discovered– I am referring to pay services in this one. Many of these pay services don’t allow the sale of adult services or products. Make sure your customers don’t send you a gift card with a sexy message. I suggest “This is to help you with groceries.” That way you can be sent money all year round.

I hope you like this blog post and that it has been informative for you. Please use the comments form below to share any comments / thoughts / other payment services worth checking out!

Lots of love,