Do i need to take pictures of my used panties?

Just ask yourself: Would I buy a pair of shoes online without seeing a picture? Not likely… The same goes for the online used panties market. Our statistics show used panties with product images sell much faster than used panties which are for sale without pictures.

How to photograph my used panties?

To be honest their is no right or wrong… When you’re feeling a little anxious and nervous you could just make a picture of the underwear laying on the bed or on the floor. However we found the most effective way is when you’re on the picture wearing the underwear you want to sell. This is often more effective because used panty buyers have a visual, and it will immediately capture their attention! Once you have their attention you’ll gain their interest. You can always look at other competitors and panty sellers for some inspiration.

The main thing you’ve got to keep in mind: You’re here to sell your used panties, and there is nothing to be ashamed off! The visitors of this website love you for selling your used panties, and you’re making money with it. You’re in control, be your own boss!

How to stay anonymous?

First of all make sure your head isn’t clearly visible on the pictures you upload. You could either blur it or crop the image so your head isn’t on the picture when you upload it to the internet. Also make sure any distinctive body marks or tattoos aren’t visible on the pictures. You could hide those by covering them with your hands (make sure not to wear any distinctive jewelry)  or taking pictures from different poses. Failing this you could ask somebody with photo-editing skills to disguise the markings, tattoos etc.

For more information how to stay anonymous we’d advice you to read our previous blogpost: How to stay anonymous as a pantyseller

How to stop others from using your used panties pictures?

Unfortunately it could happen people re-use and re-post your photos without your knowledge. To avoid and prevent this we strongly advice you to put watermarks on the pictures you upload to the internet. Position your username at one of the sides of the picture, and make sure the watermark does not distract too much from the image itself. No more nasty stealing of your pictures!