Dear members of MySecretPanty,

First of all we’d like to thank you for using for buying and/or selling your used panties! As we’re always looking to increase traffic to our website and improve the services we’re offering we’d like to ask for your opinion about the following topic.

From the beginning of we’ve always kept protecting your privacy as our main focus. That’s why we decided to setup the website as a Members Only website, where public visitors will not get to see your profiles or products.

Our website visitor statistics show that many visitors leave the website as soon as they discover that our website is members only, which is a shame, because this way they won’t get to see all the great products you’ve put for sale on our website.

That’s why we’re considering changing our website from a members only website to a publicly accessible website. This change won’t mean we’ll give up on protecting your personal information, but by making the store publicly accessible we think it will help to increase your audience and hopefully you’ll get to sell more products!

We care about what you think, so please use the poll below to vote and let us know how you feel about this! If you feel the need to explain what you think about this post please use the reply section below!


Should stay a members only website?

  • No, a public accessible website will improve my sells! (95%, 58 Votes)
  • I don't know... (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Yes, other reason... (2%, 1 Votes)
  • Yes, I'm affraid of my privacy! (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 61

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