Although selling your used panties is a nice way to make some extra money, we can image you’d rather stay anonymous as a pantyseller! We will provide you with some basics to stay anonymous while selling your used panties!

  1.  Create an e-mail address dedicated to your worn panty business! We would recommend Gmail for this, as they provide reliable e-mail solutions, and you can use your Gmail account if you decide to use additional Google services as Google Pay or YouTube for your used panty selling activities!
  2. Only communicate with your customers using our Private Messaging System.
  3. While communicating with your customers never (And we mean: NEVER) give them your real name or your address information!
  4. Sexy pictures or hot videos of yourself in your used panties sure will help you sell! However, we do advice you to edit your pictures so your face or other personal things which can get you identified (specific home decoration, tattoos) are not clearly visible. Read more about using pictures: “Photograph your used panties”
  5. Don’t use bank transfers as a payment method. There are others instead like Circle Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Gift Card or PayPal which won’t share your personal information.

By following the easy steps above you will make sure you will stay anonymous as a pantyseller! We hope you will earn a nice amount of money and you will have a great time using MySecretPanty!